Friday, June 17, 2016

The Best Fathers Day Ever

The Best Father’s Day Ever
by Jed Lindstrom (June 17th, 2016)

This father’s day is special
A reminder of the greatest Father’s Day
Ever …

My father was in the home physically
But not emotionally

I cried out for love and attention
Left feeling empty with little to no affection

Longing for my father’s love
There was none, he was lonely

I gave up my dreams
Running to drugs, sex and criminal activity

Trying to fill the emptiness in my soul
Only to find myself deeply wounded

The attention seeking wasn’t satisfying
What I found easy was hiding and lying

I couldn’t hide long
Love broke in and changed my life

It was my Heavenly Father
Hugging me tightly with Grace

My Father took my pain
Filled me with dreams and visions

The Greatest Father’s day ever
Was God sending His only Son Jesus

Nailing our sin's to the cross
Shedding His blood for our freedom

Now I Live to Love my Children
The same way He Loves me
Unconditionally and sacrificially

A father to the fatherless
And a defender of widows

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