Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Cry continues

Dear ministry partners,

Good News! Jesus has opened up the doors for us all over Barranquilla Colombia now for the 6th time since 2012! Jesus is still working miracles here in this beautiful Nation! As our ministry team met with many local Pastors and leaders, it was evident to me, that families all over the city are crying out to God for their children and families to be saved, healed and set free by the power of the Gospel. So my desire to walk with God and see their dreams come true! 

The Cry for souls continues! As we continue to respond to Gods heart to Go into the no go places with  the Gospel, many are crying out to God for their loved ones. Therefore we have much work to do, and we are so thankful for all of you who help us, may God continue to bless you. 

I began to pray and seek Gods heart for our time in Colombia early Feb 19th, just before heading into El Bosque. I knew this prison as a very broken place, where many live hopelessly passing times. It also hit my heart that these are the very people we are crying out to God for, to save, heal and deliver. As we arrived at the gates. 

We faced great opposition by some religious people outside El Bosque prison but God made a way for us to get inside. We ministered to over 75 inmates, and 30 men surrendered their hearts to Jesus! We gave out 40 copies of my new book "Break Out - A Criminal's Journey to Eternal Freedom". 
God continued to move and He took us to some new expanded territory we had never seen before. He took us to displaced children and families who are living in extreme poverty and brokenness. The backgrounds of their life would simply blow your mind. Please enjoy some pictures below and be sure to see more pictures here.
In Villa Nueva over 30 surrender their hearts to Jesus during a late night revival street meeting. The Holy Spirit was poured out in a very special way and hearts were changed. Many addicts and broken families are experiencing the reconciling love of God already. 
The Holy Spirit was poured out on over 75 inmates in the El Bosque prison. With many others in their cells all around us listening and receiving the Gospel I believe this was a time of refreshing for everyone!
Dianna and Daniel lead a lady to Jesus alongside two local Pastors. What a team effort and a picture of Gods heart wrapping this lady in the Love of God. She was also receiving inner healing as she is loved on by Dianna.
Ministering in Palermo Barranquilla Colombia to over 80 Children the beautiful Gospel. These children live in extreme poverty and having time with them radically changed my heart and life! Thank you to Leonardo for all His hard work here. We will be able to return with more support for our friend Leonardo.

Walking trails to get to families on this small Island. We have taken most of the day to spend here sharing the Love of Jesus praying with families and learning about their living situations so we can help during our next visit.
A picture to show you a nice place on the Island. These families will sell these plants they have grown and other things to make a living. 

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