Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Elkhart Indiana School blessing

I would like to share with you one of many letters I receive requesting my new book Break Out - A Criminals Journey to Eternal Freedom. We have sent the books to these precious students, thanks to the support of some faithful sponsors. 

"Dear Jed,
I was really excited when I heard about your book and was looking forward to reading it.  As soon as it was available for pre-order, I ordered it and was excited it was being shipped soon thereafter.  When I got it, I could hardly put it down and read it fairly quickly.  While reading it, at various times throughout the book, a local school was on my heart.  

I kept thinking, "the kids at this school need this book."  I felt this very strongly and I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about it.  The school he was talking to me about is a private school for troubled teens in Elkhart, IN where I live.  

It's a high school for kids who have been expelled from public schools, or who have been in legal trouble, or similar situations.  One member of the staff told me they're the most troubled teens in the state of Indiana.  It was really on my heart to speak with the administrators about the book and see if they'd let me gift the books to them to add to their curriculum.  After speaking with them and lending them my copy to read, they've said they love the book and would love to get it into the hands of the students.  

Their budget for curriculum is tight and it's still on my heart to give them the initial bunch for the first 75 books, which would cover the students and a few staff members.  They also have some more schools throughout the state of Indiana and are expecting to expand into surrounding states for the next school year, so this is an opportunity to reach some of the most troubled teens all throughout the Midwest!  

For now, if you can help me raise $375 we can get the initial bunch of books to this years class!  I'm excited about the opportunity and the school's administrators have also expressed excitement.  With financial support, we can do this!

Thank you!
Carol-Ann Abraham"

If you would like to donate books into the hands of people who cannot afford them, please donate here today. (please click on Break Out Book)

God bless you and your family,

Jed Lindstrom

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