Friday, November 27, 2015

Messy Thanksgiving 2015

It was getting late Wednesday night. Thanksgiving quickly approaching and I knew i needed to get some rest. Not only because my wife was saying so, but because i knew my kids would be waking up at 5am for their early chocolate milk and cartoons.

So i called for my oldest daughter Rosella to come over and help me do makeup on my face to look like I had dirt all over me. She did an amazing job! The next step was to shoot a short video called "Messy Thanksgiving". With all the cooking, eating, playing with the kids our homes get blasted with excitement and joy. On the inside of the people sitting around the home, everyone is going through something and most of us have a mess to be cleaned up on the inside of us.

Life just get's messy. Many situations out of our control! What i need, and what many of us need is a refreshing from the presence of the Holy Spirit. We need a deep cleaning. What typically happens is we get so caught up in the mess that we cannot see straight. So we sit blinded and bound up in chains. Holy Spirit waits for us to open our hearts to God, so He can breathe life giving power into our circumstance.

Today no matter where you find yourself, or what's happening in your life, Jesus loves you. You can call on Jesus anytime, and he will break through in power and save you. God bless you today. Please continue to follow us on our blog feed, and share your blog with us. Thank you

Please stay updated, every two weeks we post an updated blog with an encouraging video, bound to make you laugh, cry or both. LOL

Taking back what the enemy stole.

Jed Lindstrom 


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